Our manufactured and marketed products are renowned for their quality and value for money in the marketplace and have been sourced and serviced exclusively for you the discerning customer. HOSPITALITY SUPPLIES INTERNATIONAL is a one-stop sourcing company for Housekeeping operational products to 3, 4 and 5-star hotels, palaces, retail and wholesale suppliers in the Middle East and Asia.

We have over two decades of experience in the manufacturing process and exporting and have won excellent reputation in the industry globally. We continue to excel offering competitive prices, quality and creativity. We also accept requests for custom made products.

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As an OS&E specialist (procurement company) and a hotel supplier, we bring to you innovative and inspired products from across the globe with a professional single source market approach that has set the standard in the ever-changing hotel and hospitality industry.

Our attention to detail, style, durability and quality ensures our client’s source the best products at value for money and competitiveness. With over 30 years of hotel working experience and procurement experience, HOSPITALITY SUPPLIES INTERNATIONAL has leveraged service and unrivalled vendors relationship to create a program that delivers our present clients and new project clients with an unmatched speed to market.

Legacy of Excellence and Virtue

Founded in the year 2000 by Antic. S, we continue to lead the way with our commitment to creating a memorable experience for our clients while maintaining our profitability and protecting theirs. With over 30 years of hotel experience, we have come across all the challenges hotel operators and the hotel owners face. We simply listen to our customers and provide to see their vision come true.

HOSPITALITY SUPPLIES INTERNATIONAL's dedicated experience in the industry has enabled us to have a captive clientele of over 80 in the middle east Asia region with

Customer Challenges

  • Quality
  • Lead Time
  • Technical Know How
  • Turnkey Ownership
  • Commitment
  • Falling Short on Experience


  • Proven goodwill through an established clientele
  • Industry Insight
  • Relationship at a Very Professional Level
  • Attention to Minute Details
  • Referential Clients
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